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assisi itinerari

Assisi Hotels

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History of Assisi

Assisi is built almost entirely in white stone and red of Subasio, is built on artificial terraces and narrow streets, mostly winding, steep and antique look; lonely places where the silence is broken only by the soft murmur of artistic fountains . Aspects of the past almost intact, the isolation of modern life, the sweet and unexpected views of the plains.

What you see to Assisi?

The Church of St. Francis, wonderful shrine of faith and art, the Duomo, the imposing and austere fa├žade, with its artistic treasures and the adjoining museum chapter, the interesting and well-preserved Temple of Minerva dating back to Roman classical, the Basilica of St. Clear, beautiful for the elegance of its lines and the rich decoration of the chapels is the imposing and spectacular Rocca Maggiore, the citadel of feudalism in Assisi San Damiano, pervaded by poetry delal Franciscan life, the Hermitage, surrounded by a mystical and enchanting, the thirteenth-century Benedictine church of S. Peter, the magnificent basilica of S. Maria degli Angeli, linked to memories of the life and preaching of S. Francis, are the most important moments of the visit to Assisi and its surroundings.